Bachelor of Computer Applications

Department of Computer Science

Computer science Department of RJS First Grade college was established in the year 2001 with qualified and well experienced faculties. The Department aims at imparting quality education in computer science & applications and also offers an atmosphere for the students to expand their technical skills through various academic & non –academic activities. With rapidly involving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the department has always produced to reward its goal to progress with advanced & growing technologies.

The vision of the Computer Science Department is to be recognized nationally and internationally for delivering outstanding computer science education and conducting research of high distinction both of value and relevance to the communities we serve.

Department of Computer Science offers highest quality education in computer science to perform research that advances the state-of-the-art, to produce graduates that are knowledgeable, articulate, principled, innovative, confident and able to think critically and to maintain diverse college community activities.

Name Mrs. Chakradhari.P
Designation HOD, Dept. of Computer Science
Qualification M.Sc, M.Phil.,
Years Of Experience 14
Name Mr. Vadivel Raju
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.Sc(IT), M.Phil.,
Years Of Experience 14
Name Mrs. Hemasundari.J.M
Designation Lecturer
Qualification MCA, M.Phil.,
Years Of Experience 12
Name Mr. Yogananda
Designation Lecturer
Qualification MCA, M.Phil.,
Years Of Experience 16
Name Mrs. Nisha.D
Designation Lecturer
Qualification MCA
Years Of Experience -
Name Mr. Murthy.K
Designation System Analyst
Qualification MCA
Years Of Experience 06
Name Mr. Vargees
Designation System Programmer
Qualification Diploma in CS
Years Of Experience -
Name Mr. Narendra N
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.Sc (Computer Science)
Years Of Experience -

Department of computer science feels proud to announce Bangalore university rank secured by our students.

Sl.No Name Reg.No Year Rank Photo
1. Babuli.U 15RYSB6007 2015-2018 3rd RANK
2. Amrutha.E 13RYSB6002 2013-2016 2nd RANK
3. Mamatha.M 13RYSB6035 2013-2016 5th RANK
4. Karthik 12RYSB6024 2012-2015 4th RANK
5. Nazia Farheen 12RYSB6036 2012-2015 6th RANK
Sl.No Name Reg.No Percentage / S.G.P.A Photo
1. Srihari. S R1810448 8.41
2. Vignesh.L R1810457 8.31
3. Kavya. S N R1810421 8.31
4. Swetha Shree. S R1810453 8.22
5. Praveen. P R1810438 8.19
6. G. Madhanmohan Reddy R1810412 8.16
Sl.No Name Reg.No Percentage Photo
1. Tejeswari. P 17RYSB7044 88%
2. Malini. C 17RYSB7031 86.6%
3. Praveen. R 17RYSB7051 85.9%
4. Puneetha. 17RYSB7055 83.9%
5. Kavya Rudresh 17RYSB7023 82.8%
6. Meghana. K 17RYSB7034 81.56%
7. Navya. P 17RYSB7040 81.41%
8. Manoj Kumar Reddy 17RYSB7037 80.95%
9. Meghana. N 17RYSB7035 80.75%
10. Pooja Yadav 17RYSB7048 80.75%
Sl.No Name Reg.No Percentage Photo
1. Shiva. N 16RYSB7051 92.6%
2. Pooja. R 16RYSB7036 92.5%
3. Tasmia. M 16RYSB7057 92.2%
4. Nitish Kumar 16RYSB7032 87.9%
5. Manoj Kumar Reddy 16RYSB7026 86.8%
6. Jagannatha 16RYSB7016 86%
7. Naveen. S 16RYSB7029 85.3%
8. Nitesh Kumar 16RYSB7031 84%
9. Rajesh. P 16RYSB7042 84%
Subject Name Student Name Faculty Handled
Java Mr. Shekhar Mr. Vadivel
Data Structure P.Tejeswari, Navya.P, Praveen, Noor Ayesha Mr. Yogananda
TOC Padma.P Ms.Nazia Farheen
Maths P. Tejeswari, Kavya Rudresh Mr. Naveen and Mrs.Rekha
Operating system Gengi Reddy Mr. Vadivel

Student achievements in extra curriculum activities

BCA VI Sem Students Rajesh.P presented paper on “Block Chain Technology” in A National Conference “Jyothi Summit 2018 –“The Digital World Emergening Trendes in Management, Chemistry, IT, Literary And Cultural Studies” held in Jyothi Nivas College on 27th and 28th September 2018.

BCA VI Sem Students Rajesh.P, Vignesh.S, Vignesh Adithya.K exhibited a model “Basic Model Of Wireless Charging” in Science Exhibition Conducted in Jyothi Summit 2018 in 27th and 28th September 2018 .

BCA VI Sem Students Rajesh.P, Vignesh.S, Vignesh Adithya.K also presented a paper on “Exploring The World Of Deep Web” in A National Conference Conducted in the College “Sri Narayana Guru College Of Engineering And Technology ,Payyanur ,Kerala March 16th, 17th 2018”.

Pavan Kumr.L of VI Sem BCA participated in Bengaluru Central University Cultural Fest Conducted in Ravindra Kalakshetra and Won 2nd Prize in Singing and Folk Dance.

Apart from conducting regular classes by our experienced faculties , BCA department also made an advent for the students to conduct expert classes for the all the students. The prime motive behind this is to groom the students in the respective subjects, so that they can be competent and practiced with learning expertise. The Expert classes were conducted by trained and Skilled Professors from various colleges.
The details are as follows:

Class Subject Expert
VI BCA TOC Mrs. Sarakutti
VI BCA WEB PRG Mrs. Srivatsala

Expert class for V Semester on “SYSTEM PROGRAMMING” and “THEORY OF COMPUTATION” by Smt. Sara kutty Assistant Professor Department of Computer Applications, Dayananda Sagar College, Bengaluru. on 23.4.18 and 24.4.18.

Department of Computer science of RJSFGC organised Expert classes for Final year BCA and BSC students on “WEB PROGRAMMING” by Expert Advisor Smt. Srivatsala.V , Assistant Professor Department of Computer Applications, Dayananda Sagar College, Bengaluru. On 20.4.18.

Expert class for I Semester on “DIGITAL ELECTRONICS” by Smt. Shanthala V.S Associate Professor and H.O.D Depart Of Physics, Oxford College of Science, Bengaluru On 6.10.18.

Expert class for I Semester on “C- PROGRAMMING ON THE TOPIC FILES AND POINTERS” by Advisor Prof. Aruna Akula, BMS College for Women, Bengaluru on 6.10.18


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